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Welcome to Fieldgreen School

… solid foundation for the future 

About the School’s Logo/Crest

“The boy and girl in the middle reading represent our core competence – academic excellence. The green background is the stimulating, happy and safe environment where our pupils are nurtured. The different colours round the field are the pupils of different gender, race, ethnicity and religion with their individual needs, abilities and personalities. It also represents the pupils’ diverse intellect and energy. The green ring enclosing them all represents a family forever bound together in unity, love and purpose.” – – Fieldgreen School

Little about us

Provide a welcoming, safe, stimulating and happy environment where each child is encouraged and involved

Build and develop the individual strengths and talents, maximizing each child’s potential to lay down a solid foundation for future academic experiences

Strive for the highest possible standard of academic excellence and behavior in a stimulating environment

Provide the team with a welcoming and happy environment where everyone is respected, encouraged to grow, listened to and is involved

Every day,your child/ward will learn something new

Some days it will be written by their hands

Some days it will be taken in their heads

And some days you will see them act it form their hearts.

We use a rich blend of the Nigerian and British Curriculum.

Create a school community where children participate, excel and are proud of their achievements

… solid foundation for the future

The school nurtures the pupils to never waver in academic activities and moral values – confidence, empathy, caring.

Care for others and the environment

Have positive attitude

Live healthy lifestyles

Have the right moral values



Care of everyone and everything

Confidence/Positive attitude

Meet our Handsome and Beautiful Pupils

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About Us

About Fieldgreen school

Fieldgreen School is an early childhood learning centre located in a serene suburb of Lagos State. We offer a rich blend of Nigerian and British curriculum- based education to all children irrespective of their gender, race, ethnicity and religion.

Fieldgreeen School was set up in October, 2007 with the vision to provide solid academic foundation that children can build on for future development. We are mindful of the physical, spiritual, emotional and social development needed to produce well rounded children, prompting our well packaged extra-curricular activities to complement and enhance classroom experiences and provide pupil’s with opportunities for personal growth and enrichment. 

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Our School Anthem

Our Anthem goes thus:

Fieldgreen School my dearest school

A solid foundation for the future

Fieldgreen school, my dearest school

You nurture, you caution, you discipline

I know a lot about my school

I know a lot because I care

You train to equip me with the best

You taught me to say

I can, I can do it!

Fieldgreen, fieldgreen school

Our Skills

Sports Achievement - 85%
Well equipped Classes Rooms - 75%
Academic Excellence - 85%
Well Equipped Computer room - 80%
Community Assistance - 75%
Moral Excellence - 90%
Moral Excellence - 90%
Art work - 90%

Our School Hours

Monday:7 am - 3 pm

Tuesday:7 am - 3 pm

Wednesday:7 am - 3 pm

Thursday:7 am - 3 pm

Friday:7 am - 3 pm

Saturday:10 am-12 am

Sunday:Not opening

CLOSED Saturday & Sunday

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